Workshop DVD

Gary’s Photon Energy Seminar/ Workshop DVD: Dowsing the Transformational Influences of 2013

Photon Energy Workshop 2013 - DVD front coverNASA engineer/master dowser, Gary Plapp presents an experiential workshop to inspire and empower you. The focus is on using photon “light” energy, from the photon belt, as a practical tool for transforming your life.

Important applications include healing, life enhancing activation, structuring water, sacred geometry, clearing detrimental energies, and transforming man-made pollution of all kinds including chem trails, toxic substances, and electromagnetic fields.

Gary demonstrates various techniques in exploring our personal involvement with change through dowsing and expanded awareness. Higher consciousness and dowsing are key in realizing our dreams. This is a fun and interactive presentation that could change your world.

This DVD is available from:

Gary R. Plapp Los Lunas, NM 87031 Phone (505) 565-1784