Applications Guide

by Gary R. Plapp, September 15, 2013

energy-pattern-fractalEarth entered the Photon Belt in October 1995. I first discovered its existence in July 1996 in the California Santa Cruz Mountains San Andreas Rift Zone. It has shifted in increasing power (x5000) nine times in the past seventeen years. The latest being the advent of Photon IX (9th dimensional) energy that entered Earth March 15, 2013 and remains there until December 10, 2013. The actual entry point has been determined to be eastern Mongolia. This is thought to be the peak (band) level that we will experience in our approximately 36 to 38 year journey through the photon belt. (Entered 1995, Leaving ≈2032)

Photon Energy is intense (transformative) light energy that earth is presently passing through in its 24,000-year grand cycle through space around the central sun Alcyone and 208 million year galactic cycle. This energy has many significant positive effects. They include cleansing, healing, life enhancing activation, structuring water, raising consciousness, facilitating a dimensional shift, neutralizing man-made pollution of all kinds, and raising the vibration of the planet.

The pendulum energy signature for Photon Level IX is C-C-W 5 turns, C-W 5 turns, etc. The basic Bovis Life Force value for Photon Level IX is 17,000. In the natural programming of Photon Wands and Therapy Stones this has been boosted to 200,000,000 by the addition of several rare elements. This translates to 25,000 in the body, which is thought to be the limit for the human body at this time. The aura energy field measures approximately 20 to 25 feet in diameter.

Water, Quartz and Selenite, under special conditions, are programmable with photon energy. Selenite and Quartz have been programmed in the form of therapy stones, eggs, spheres and wands. Each form has a specific purpose and applications that will be covered in detail. The following is information on how to use each form but is not limited to that which is addressed.


Microwave Stone 2

Rose Quartz can be programmed with Photon Energy and used to condition Microwaved food and water

Photon energy has a natural affinity for water that will conduct and hold a charge up to a year. Both water and photon energy have similar far infrared wavelengths (frequencies) and can form a natural resonance. Programmed water has acquired a proactive consciousness that can greatly enhance any life that it comes in contact with.

Drinking photon charged water may improve your body functions and health since the human body is 75% water. This is the same as what is commonly called structured water, bio-charged water or Emoto water. We know from homeopathy that water has memory that can maintain beneficial programs. It is preferred to use only high quality spring water or RO water as a carrier for photon energy.

A unique property of photon water is that it is self-propagating. A small amount may be used to program a large container or even an entire body of water. This has proved effective in transforming water pollution of all kinds in streams, lakes and ponds. Plants and animals can benefit from the application of photon water. Taking a bath in photon water can be quite refreshing.


Photon energy has a natural affinity for sacred geometry, namely Metatron’s Cube and the derived Platonic Solids. (Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, etc.) This also applies to eggs and spheres. Since both photon energy and sacred geometry are life enhancing they form a natural symbiosis. Both Selenite and Quartz forms have been programmed with photon energy. However, Selenite, due to its internal linear mineral structure, is more difficult to work with plus it is relatively soft.

Selenite, the light bringer, has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. Quartz is a power stone and master healer stone. As you may expect, eggs, spheres and rounded therapy stones all have a feminine nature. This is especially beneficial for “soft” healing where a gentle homogeneous energy field is preferred. With their flat bottom, therapy stones are ideal for massage or placing on areas needing attention.

Photon Therapy Stone on Wi-Fi Box

Photon Rose Quartz Therapy Stone on top of a Wi-Fi Box

All forms radiate a photon energy field with a radius of 10 to 12 feet. This makes it suitable to positively condition small rooms, offices, or massage studios. The preferred form of therapy stone is rose quartz since it is a natural healing stone of unconditional love associated with the heart chakra. Photon Energy Quartz is ideal for use in meditation, held between the hands in a prayer position or held in the receptive hand. You may feel a warm tingling sensation.

Once in contact with photon quartz the body will rapidly accumulate a beneficial characteristic charge. A typical application time is approximately 10 minutes, but may vary with each individual. The photon energy exchange between the stone and the body is self-regulating. (Photon energy has an innate life supporting consciousness) Many people have reported benefits from sleeping with their photon stones.

Water may be structured by placing the therapy stone in close proximity or immersing for a few minutes. (≈15 minutes for a liter) [Do not immerse Selenite stones, as they are a dihydrate] The photon therapy stone may also be used to transform the negative electromagnetic energies of computers, TV’s, and cell phones when placed in their vicinity. The quartz stones only may be placed inside (operating) microwave ovens to transform the detrimental microwave radiation and improve the vitality of that being heated. (This will not harm the stone) Plant experiments using photon-microwaved water showed healthy growth.


The Photon Power Wands are versatile tools useful in a variety of applications. They are suitable for specific localized areas needing attention. Wands exhibit a “laser like” predominately masculine nature. Both Selenite and Quartz wands have been programmed with photon energy. However, Selenite is much softer than quartz and should not be immersed in water. While all wands contain the same high Bovis value photon program, slightly faster results may be realized with the larger sizes.

Selenite, the light bringer, has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. It is one of the more powerful healing stones for the new age and spiritual work. You will never need to cleanse or recharge your Selenite wand. To both protect the wand and amplify its power, some Selenite wands have been wrapped in copper foil (Orgone Energy) and specially wound copper wire (Scalar Coil).

Photon Wands 2Quartz is a power stone and master healer stone. Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Quartz also enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy. Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. It is also beneficial for storing and retrieving information of all types, as information is a form of energy pattern also. This makes them particularly good for programming. The photon energy program naturally repels negativity and will hold its energy indefinitely. Vogel cut quartz wands amplify power proportional to the number of additional facets. Some wands have a polarized Neodymium Magnet added for additional power.

Manual Wanding should be conducted, with the wand suitably pointed, in a rapid circular motion over the body or object being treated. (Use your dowsing system)

Semi Manual Wanding is conducted via visualization, with the wand suitably pointed, of the wand operating in a rapid circular motion over the body or object being treated.

Automatic Wanding (advanced) is utilized, with the wand suitably pointed, through commanding the photon energy program to scan for and repair any imbalances or irregularities in the subject’s system. (State desired level) The wand will automatically shut down operation upon completion. (A sense of subtle energies is beneficial)

Full Body: Wanding the hands and feet CCW first will remove blocks and open up the body to receive healing energy. (Pain is an indicator of Chi blockage) This should take about 30 seconds at each location. Then wand CW at chakra locations and specific areas needing attention putting positive energy into the system.

Solar Plexus: The area of the small intestine, with large amounts of water, and spleen and liver, with associated chakras, is a location where we tend to store a lot of negativity, pain, fear and blockages. It can also be a nexus for detrimental energies. For a quick general clearing and release, wand the mid section of a person CCW for 90 seconds, to release blocks, followed by CW for 90 seconds to vitalize and build the aura. Elicit feedback from the subject to confirm effectivity. (This will vary from person to person) Conduct additional wanding sessions as needed.

Mirror Wanding: Wand yourself in the mirror as above. This may be easier than trying to directly wand yourself. (Smile) ☺

Food and Water: CCW over any food or water for 60 seconds to remove toxins and impurities. CW wand for 60 seconds to energize. Do not immerse Selenite wands in water.

Detrimental Energies: (Parasitic) Photon energy is Light Energy making it ideal for clearing all detrimental energies. These include negative thought forms, discarnate entities, energetic implants and cording. Wanding CCW for 30 seconds will remove any detrimental energies. Then wand CW for 30 seconds to build the positive life enhancing energy. (You can clear houses as well)

Note: Physical Implants need to be located on the body through dowsing or kinesiology and directly wanded to deactivate. Wand CCW for at least 3 minutes to deactivate and CW for 1 minute to rebalance. Protect to prevent re-implanting and alter subject’s state of mind from “victim”.

Chem Trails and Toxic Pollution: While pointing the wand at the source, wand CCW for 90 seconds to neutralize chem trails and then CW to convert it to positive energy. The same would apply to toxic pollution and substances. (Dowse for effectivity)

Remote Clearing and Treatment: Using the name, location and body outline or photograph of the subject, wand as you would in person. For higher effectivity, include the use of an object that the person has worn or personal item such as a lock of hair. Higher effectivity may also be realized through the use of a photo transparency of the subject. (Photon energy operates via subspace)

Plants and Animals: Wand plants, plant water and plant food to boost vitality and to overcome diseases or parasites. Wand pets and their food and water for health.


Most of us are aware of the radiation hazards of using cell phones. Much evidence is in that regular cell phone use can precipitate the development of cancer and brain tumors. A November 12, 2012 statement from the National Press Club states, ” Cell phones are a ubiquitous part of our lives. But, several new, independent studies confirm previous findings that pulsed digital signals from cell phones disrupt DNA, impair brain function and damage sperm.” Additionally several articles from Dr. Mercola support the dangers of cell phone radiation.

However, it is thought that photon energy is especially efficient at transforming the negative biological effects of electromagnetic energy into positive life enhancing energy. Dowsing indicates that the Bovis (life force) energy value of a typical cell phone increases from 3,000 to 18,000 by attaching a small photon rose quartz cabochon. (Anything below 7,000 is considered life detracting)

Application: Affix, with a dab of silicone adhesive or clear seal, to the opposite side of the cell phone earpiece, or as close as possible to the area nearest your body when in use. May also be attached to cordless phones, computers, Wi-Fi networks, TV’s and microwave ovens.


Photon Scalar Rings 2Scalar rings and rods are wonderful tools for amplifying and transforming energies. They have proved to be a powerful tool in clearing detrimental energies in homes. They can also bring the body into balance and harmonize the environment. See

Using special windings of complimentary types of wire and photon rose quartz or green aventurine cabochons, with magnetic and Orgone elements, has greatly increased the power and Bovis (life force) value of scalar rings and rods. Photon scalar rings and rods are based upon the Sacred Egyptian Cubit of 25.03 inches (circumference, inner diameter or length) resonating at the life force frequency. (The same unit of measure described in the Bible by Noah, Moses, Ezekiel and King Solomon)

Photon scalar rings create a portal or time – space window and greatly amplify and expand the energy field of photon devices. Water will rapidly become structured and energized when placed inside a photon ring. Many people place small scalar rings on their water faucets or hoses. (The human body is 70 percent water) They are available for various prices depending upon size. Additional applications and related information can be found in the new book “In the Mind of a Master” by Susan Anderson and Slim Spurling. (Available at


Photo Ring & BoxAdding a high electrostatic voltage potential to the photon scalar ring or rod greatly enhances the photon energy field within the ring or around the rod. This is thought to be due to the fact that additional energy is being obtained from the zero-point energy field or unified field within the ring. (The rod forms a toroidal energy field) This voltage potential is estimated to amplify and concentrate the photon energy field within the ring up to 27,000 times. A special tri-wire photon scalar ring, consisting of complimentary windings of three wire types, has been developed specifically to work with the booster box. However, earlier types of photon scalar rings may benefit from the application of the booster box as well.

The booster box has a field strength control, on some units, that allows regulation of the photon energy being generated. This is especially important for electro-sensitive individuals. It is recommended to start out in the low range and gradually increase the level while receiving feedback from the subject. A 15-minute timer provides accurate treatment sessions. It is not recommended to go beyond 15 minutes in any one session using the booster box. It is better, and generally more effective, to give two 15-minute sessions per day rather than one 30-minute session. Do not conduct treatment sessions in the evening as this may interfere with sleep.

PORTABLE BATTERY UNIT: The booster box contains a high voltage system that is generally not serviceable by the operator. A high voltage battery test (red) button is provided, on battery-powered units, to verify proper system charge status. This internal high voltage battery system should operate over 550 hours providing over 2200 15-minute sessions. The booster box output is current limited for protection. Do not ground or short out the red voltage wire, as this will decrease battery life. Store in a cool, dry location. Return the unit for battery replacement or obtain instructions.

120VAC POWERED UNIT: The convenient AC powered booster box contains a compact high voltage DC power supply. It is also fused and current limited for safety. It also contains a 15-minute timer to regulate treatment times. A red AC power light comes on when operating. An optional flashing light comes on to indicate the presence of high voltage.

The photon scalar ring should be insulated from ground and can be supported by non-conductive surfaces or brackets. The photon scalar ring may be used either horizontally or vertically with the photon field emissions emanating (beam) perpendicular to the ring. Make sure the booster box is off or timed out prior to handling the ring.

Basic Setup: Place the booster box at a convenient location near the photon scalar ring and a grounded 120VAC power outlet. Plug the AC power plug into the 120VAC receptacle and connect the red wire clip to the photon scalar ring. Operate per above. Operation with a photon scalar rod is accomplished by clipping the booster box cable to the rod base. (Receptive end) Point the active (transmitting) end towards the desired area being treated. (Patent Pending)


Pyramid Boards 2

Pyramid Boards, with small scalar rings for room conditioning

The Great Pyramid is the quintessence of sacred geometry creating a nexus of time and space and projecting defined energies great distances. The photon pyramid projector device creates a safe haven in your home or office enveloping everything and everyone in a continuous protective life enhancing photon energy field. Tests, using a 1 lb. quartz pyramid generator, produced a concentrated photon energy field of approximately 100 ft. radius. This new device, incorporating photon energy, pyramid power, Orgone energy, Scalar energy, sacred geometry, and magnetism, may increase the health, vitality and longevity of all occupants while transforming negative energies. It is available with either clear or rose quartz pyramids, with (1/4 cubit) photon scalar ring, attached to a red oak hardwood finished base. It adds a touch of photon art to any room.

(Use your imagination – there are no limits)

Holographic Writing: While holding a pen or pencil in your dominant hand and a photon charged item in you other (receptive) hand, hold the image of that which you wish to convey. (Could be a time and place) Without mental control, allow your writing hand to move as it wants. Write characters from right to left, top to bottom. Have a sensitive person, or a child, read back for you.


The above devices and techniques are experimental and experiential with results varying among individuals. It is the responsibility of the practitioner and subject to weigh and evaluate the benefits in using them. It is felt that photon energy may offer a new chapter in electro-medicine and greatly expand cellular/ field therapy. Operating outside of time and space, the future is now.

Inquire about the availability of these various photon devices.

*No medical claims are made about the use of Photon Energy Water, Rings, Projectors, Quartz Therapy Stones or Wands to replace the need for professional medical advice or treatment. If you experience health problems you should always consult your regular physician. These energized products are for investigational research.