Welcome to the World of Photon Energy!

Gary Plapp - Photon RevelationsPhoton Energy is an amazing trans-formative multifaceted belt of light energy that earth is currently traversing in its spiral journey through the galaxy. Entering in 1995 and expected to leave in 2032, this 37-year wide belt consists of several 3 to 1-year wide energy bands of shifting frequencies. Earth appears to currently be leaving the highest energy bands that peaked in 2013 known as “Photon IX”.

The nature and higher purpose of this photon belt has demonstrated cleansing and regeneration of all life on the planet. An innate consciousness and intelligence has been associated with this miraculous “divine source” energy providing healing and transformation.

After 20-years of research and development, NASA engineer/master dowser Gary Plapp has successfully captured and stored this peak photon energy in both water and special crystals. With the added benefits of sacred geometry, scalar energy, orgone energy, magnetic and electrostatic fields he has created powerful devices that harness and focus this energy. Working through subspace and the unified field these tools have transformed many peoples lives and are helping the planet. Are you ready for a change? An evolving holographic universe is inviting us to create a new way of being and a new world.


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